Religion’s Insidious Marketing

Post by Sam


When discussing the absurdity of organized religion, it’s important to recognize that while the tenets themselves may be silly, the mechanisms utilized to instill brand loyalty are so skillfully designed that Madison Avenue can only look on in jealousy. It starts with some form of affirmation from birth – be it baptism or circumcision – and continues to cement its hold with layer upon layer of ritual until near-impervious shell forms to protect the fully matured believer from reason and evidence. As the child in this video is shown repeating unnecessary steps to receive their candy reward, children steeped in a religious upbringing are taught that muttering to an invisible man in the sky is part of the process of becoming a good person. And instead of a clear box, religion presents them with smoke and mirrors to obscure the truth.

I am not familiar with any research which studies child development as it relates to a religious upbringing, but the strong positive correlation between the faith of parent and child suggests just how hard it is to shake this early developmental programming. It is not socially acceptable to teach your child any number of wrongheaded, antiquated notions… Why does religion get a free pass?

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