Shit Jehovah’s Witnesses Say #3: “We Don’t Celebrate…”

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Shit Jehovah's Witnesses Say

 -Bridget R. Gaudette

..Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day (and we’re unpatriotic).”

The primary reasons that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t participate in the celebration of the holidays listed above (and below) is because the holidays are categorized as either patriotic, originating from a “false religion” (anything but JW) or not SPECIFICALLY commanded by god: all of which are BAD.

I decided to lump in the JW ban on patriotism because it has the same root reason they use for not celebrating certain holidays. Patriotism is a dirty word. You won’t hear a JW say they love their country. JWs do not vote for individuals in elections, they do not salute the flag nor sing the national anthem. JWs will not serve in the military nor will they work for a company that is associated with the military. They use the following scriptures to justify this:

John 18:36: “Jesus answered [the Roman governor]: ‘My kingdom is no part of this world.’”

John 15:19: “If you [Jesus’ followers] were part of the world, the world would be fond of what is its own. Now because you are no part of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, on this account the world hates you.”

1 John 5:19: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (Compare John 14:30; Revelation 13:1, 2; Daniel 2:44.)

Loving one’s country would constitute being a part of the world. Therefore, no patriotism allowed.

JWs overemphasize this language, “no part of the world”, to keep their members in check, isolated and fearful. It’s classic cult brainwashing behavior. As a JW, the word “worldly” is equated with evil. If a JW wants to dissuade another from some activity or a person, the only reason they’d need to give is that it is “worldly”. Even now, having left almost 12 years ago, the word gives me an uneasy feeling. Let me emphasize: “worldly” is bad. Staying ignorant is preferred. Or else.

So I’ll give you a quick breakdown of the holidays and the reasons JWs give for not celebrating them. For brevity’s sake I am coding them as follows: patriotic (P), originating from a “false religion” (FR) or not SPECIFICALLY commanded by god (NoGod):

Let’s start with the Federal holidays:

  • New Year’s Day- P, FR, NoGod. The Romans dedicated New Year’s Day to the pagan god Janus. In addition it offers the opportunity for  drunkenness and the accompanied “sins“.
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. & Washington’s Birthday- P, NoGod: From their website, “The only two birthday celebrations spoken of in the Bible were held by persons who did not worship Jehovah. (Genesis 40:20-22; Mark 6:21, 22, 24-27) The early Christians did not celebrate birthdays. The custom of celebrating birthdays comes from ancient false religions.” This is the reason no JW gets to celebrate their birthday. Shit.
  • Memorial Day & Veterans Day- P, NoGod: Since these days are set aside to remember the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and JWs are against military service, they don’t celebrate it. They benefit from the sacrifices made by these individuals, but they won’t show appreciation.
  • Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, ThanksgivingP, NoGod: God didn’t spell all of these out in the Bible and they celebrate the birth and growth of this nation so.. nope!
  • Christmas Day: FR, NoGod. Most people are aware of the pagan roots and many non-JW Christians do not celebrate for this reason so I won’t even get into that. JWs take is a step further and state that “Jesus never commanded Christians to celebrate his birth.” Jesus never commanded his followers to do LOTS of things, but I find that to be a very weak reason for not celebrating Christmas. I’m an atheist so I don’t really care, but still…

More holidays.. but I think you’re getting the point.

  • Good Friday- FR, NoGod: This day commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus and his death. Jesus DID command his followers to observe this. Luke 22:19 reads:  And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” That being said, JWs do not mix in their celebration with other Christians. They celebrate this one holiday and call it “The Memorial”, not Good Friday. This is the ONLY sacred day that JW’s recognize. It’s like Easter for everyone else because they dress up and 99% of them show up for the sermon and to pass around the wafers and the wine.
  • EasterFR, NoGod. From JW literature, “Promoted as a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, [...] the name Easter itself has been linked to Eostre, or Ostara, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and of spring [...] Easter, therefore, is really a fertility rite thinly disguised as a celebration of Christ’s resurrection.” I’m a 34 year old woman who has never gotten to go on an Easter egg hunt or paint eggs. I did however, partake of the discounted candy the next day. Too bad it has pagan roots!
  • Mother’s Day: FR, NoGod. Again from the JW magazines, Mother’s Day is “a festival derived from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Formal mother worship, with ceremonies to Cybele, or Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, were performed on the Ides of March throughout Asia Minor.” Heaven forbid JW’s get caught up honoring the feminine!!
  • Halloween: FR, NoGod. Do I even need to explain? A quote from the JW mags: “Known for its witches, goblins, and other grotesque decorations and paraphernalia, Halloween—also called All Hallows’ Eve— can be traced back to the ancient Celts of Britain and Ireland. On the full moon nearest November 1, they celebrated the festival of Samhain, meaning “Summer’s End.” They believed that during Samhain, the veil between the human and the supernatural worlds was parted and that spirits, both good and evil, roamed the earth. The souls of the dead were thought to return to their homes, and families would put out food and drink for their ghostly visitors in hopes of appeasing them. Thus, when children today, dressed as ghosts or witches, go from house to house threatening a mischievous trick unless they receive a treat, they unwittingly perpetuate the rituals of Samhain.” For some reason that sounds fun to me. <shrugs>
  • Valentine’s Day: FR, NoGod: “Valentine’s Day comes on the feast day of two different Christian martyrs named Valentine. But the customs connected with the day . . . probably come from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia which took place every February 15. The festival honored Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, the god of nature.” It’s amazing that the JWs find a way to take the fun out of celebrating LOVE!
  • St. Patrick’s Day: FR, NoGod: This is fairly obvious. The Catholic said this guy was a saint and since JWs believe they are the only ones who know what god thinks they don’t recognize Patrick as anyone special.
So there you have it. JWs are pretty much as boring as they seem. They are proud to say that they don’t celebrate much. I believe this is one of their key marks of being a high control group.. a cult. They demonize the practices of the rest of Christianity to prove that THEY hold the only key to salvation. Then, they drill it into their adherents to not to be a part of the world because Jesus said so. The shit they spray is to “peep separate from other Christians, oh and actually keep separate from ‘the world’”.


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  1. Michael Dowling says:

    One observation as a very committed atheist is that despite the craziness of the JWs, if they had more power is society, the US would have been in a whole lot fewer wars. I never thought I would find something positive to say about them but as a believer of non violence, “JWs will not serve in the military nor will they work for a company that is associated with the military.” seems positive to me.

    • It can be seen as both positive and negative.

    • Mae says:

      Firstly, keep in mind the fact that they would gladly take the military’s help to protect them in times of war. Secondly, they have no problem with their master jehovah massacring billions of people at Armageddon (after which the JW get to take their pick from the houses and mansions left behind by the dead). Make no mistake, they really believe this is going to happen, and as long as they are saved even the thought of their master killing innocent babies gets no more that a shrug of the shoulders – I’ve seen this response with my own eyes. Not to mention that they will lie for their master, and decieve and disrespect, calling it theocratic warfare. They’re not as holy as they propose IMO.

    • Hello Michael. Members of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society, of whom I was a member, don’t serve in the military, not as a requirement of Jehovah God, but as a requirement of the WatchTower Society.

      Looking only at the topical peaceful nature of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we may assume their religion does not go to war. Througout the Bible we read where Jehovah had His people go to war on many occasions for a reason. That has ceased of course. What Jehovah’s Witnesses may not realize is the government where they reside has laws and their governments are allowed to exist by Jehovah God. Jehovah’s Witnesses are instructed by the Bible to obey these governmental laws or suffer the “sword” which these governments carry. Jehovah’s Witnesses would do well to consider it is their Governing Body which sets these anti-military “policies” not Jehovah God.

      The mind control which the Jehovah’s Witnesses suffer unknowingly is worse than serving in the military and killing a perceived enemy because they don’t realize the real ememy is their own Governing Body. Their Governing Body sapps the life out of each individual Jehovah’s Witness as well as his family within or without that organization.

      Nothing positive about this organization when members are under mind control. There are reasons for not being patriotic, but, they would be up to the individual member of an organization, not the organization’s reasons.

  2. As a former member of the WatchTower Society, aka Jehovah’s Witness, I can relate to mind control tactics by the WatchTower Society regarding abstaining from patriotism policies directed at members. Take my High School year in 1975 for example. My Art Class Award was reported on by the local Cuero Record newspaper and was seen by local JDubb (JW) elders. I was summoned by the said elders to a committee meeting to explain myself for submitting a “patriotic” piece of art, ie, American Bald Eagle and American Flag. The subject from my Art Teacher was to “depict something patriotic”. So, I told the elders of the Cuero, Texas congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses that I designed and watercolored the most patriotic symbols I could think of, the American Flag and American Bald Eagle. I believe what finally got them off my case during the committee meeting was to relay to them what Moma suggested to me: I didn’t even know what patriotic meant, so I sketched the most patriotic thing I could think of. I was aloof enough that it worked. I was not given private or pubic reproof or neither was I disfellowshipped for this “offence”. Now I figure I must have appeased the elders into thinking they thought they had done their job in the years preceeding this incident by their conditioning my mind so well that I couldn’t possibly be into pariotim if they had “sheilded” me from it. I believe they reasoned I was just purely innocent, so much to the point that I didn’t even know what patriotism was. I’m sure they patted themselvs on their own backs for thier job well done.

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