Skeptic Dares Guru To Kill Him On TV

An Indian guru said that he could kill a man with his mystical powers.  Mr. Sanal Edamaruku the head of Indian Rationalists’ Association said, “Go on then – kill me.”

First, the master chanted mantras, then he sprinkled water on his intended victim. He brandished a knife, ruffled the sceptic’s hair and pressed his temples. But after several hours of similar antics, Mr Edamaruku was still very much alive — smiling for the cameras and taunting the furious holy man.

You knew what would happen – Nothing!  The odd thing is that the guru did not.  Many woo masters are so out of touch with reality that they actually think they can do the things they claim.  In this case if the guru thought he could do it that maybe he should be arrested for attempted murder.  There are many fakers in India and they often take money from the uneducated.   Sometimes there bad advice can lead to death.

…on Wednesday, police arrested a couple in Maharashtra state on suspicion of killing five boys on the advice of a tantric master who said their sacrifice would help the childless couple to conceive.

 Indian Rationalists’ Association now has over 100,000 members.  The members often figure out how “miracles” are done and then show people how it is done.

One common trick they expose is levitation, usually done using an accomplice who lies on the ground under a blanket and then raises his upper body while holding out two hockey sticks under the blanket to make it look like his feet are also rising. “It’s quite easy really,” said Mr Edamaruku, who teaches members to perform the tricks in villages and then explains how they are done, or demonstrates them at press conferences

The group now gets about 70 new members per day and Mr. Edamaruku not only survived his TV stunt – Now he is a star!

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