Skepticon 4 In Springfield MO – Fundraising Challenge

Posted by Phil Ferguson on March 3rd, 2011 – Comments Off – Posted in atheists, Convention

The work for Skepticon4 has started!

Their goal is to make the event even bigger than last year – 2000?

Well as you may have guessed this takes a lot of work and money.  To keep the cost down for guests they have started a fund drive.  The goal is to collect $2,800 by the end of March!  The great news is that Polaris Financial Planning has offered matching funds if the the goal is achieved!  So, If they collect $2,800 by the end of March, Polaris will kick in an additional $2,800 – BAM!  If they don’t make it – they get $0.  So this is your chance to make your money double in less than 30 Days.  Give to Skepticon and tell your friends.

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