SSA Keeps Growing And William Lane Craig Is Very Concerned

Back in May Lyz Liddell wrote a great piece called The Unstoppable Secular Students.  I asked her to write it after I saw her give a presentation at the Madison Freethought Festival.

This image is one of the main points of the presentation….

Well it turns out that William Lane Craig has his undies in a bunch.

via The Examiner.

Craig says that statistics of group growth published on the Campus Crusade for Christ’s website contained a typo which makes the Secular Student Alliance’s claim of Campus Crusade for Christ groups ‘stalling out’ to be “completely inaccurate.”

So Craig is upset that the SSA used the numbers that the CRU put on their web site.  How sad.  Well, as soon as the “Typo” was pointed pointed out, Lyz went and fixed her slide.  You can see the difference in the video versus the image above.  However, Craig can’t let it go.

The Secular Student Alliance, Craig says, has made corrections on their website, but they “still are trying to put the same spin on the situation” by saying that the number of Secular Student Alliance groups grew by 116% while Campus Crusade for Christ groups grew by 16%.

“….trying to put the same spin…”?   The first report was that the number of groups was going down and then it was corrected when CRU fixed their “typo”.  How is this the same?  The SSA can adjust to new information and report the facts.  Maybe someone should tell Mr. Craig that the group he is trying to protect is is no longer called “Campus Crusade for Christ”.  They changed their name to “Cru”  because they thought that crusade may have negative connotations.  So, in the world of christian logic – CRU does not bring up the image of CRUsade.

Below is part of his show where he talks about the SSA. (you can listen to the whole thing if you like torture).


After he complains about how the SSA is growing so slow he then says it IS a big deal….

I do not want to diminish peoples’ concern about the activities of secular student groups and the growth of secularism on our campuses. This is a concern that needs to be addressed and we need to be very very worried about this even if their claims are overblown. The fact is that there are organized atheistic groups whose aim is to evangelize their university campuses for atheism or non-theism.

The man is a walking contradiction.

Here is a photo of the SSA summer convention and I was so happy to have been there.  Hey William…. We are unstoppable.

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2 Responses to SSA Keeps Growing And William Lane Craig Is Very Concerned

  1. Wm Lane Craig keeps out many facts when he claims so many delusionals withing Billy Brights Campus Crusades…. not only are old members counted no where to be found on Campus but the mega millions donated from corporations to lure homesick kids into the cult for the bible lies…. The Atheists joining Secular groups are not bribed nor given bibles, religious pathways to sex in arranged marriages nor anti-science agendae… our Atheist peers of all ages join in solidarity for sanity… Wm Lane Craig is a motor mouth propagandist for his cult, I saw him harrangue DR Michael Newdow, Esq. in a so called debate arranged via satellite costing many millions of dollars in churches across the planet… consider the source, CRU or the unstoppable Atheist millions all free thinking and rational …. just a few quips from my 34 years out of the Atheist closets onto the public square of secularity 843-926-1750 Dial An Atheist Larry

  2. Joe Black says:

    Craig couldn’t tell the untwisted truth about anything even if his balls were in a vise and Joe Pesci was standing there w/ a baseball bat.

    People that spread and extol the use of rational reason, critical thinking and logical deduction requisite of credible evidence scare Craig shitless. He realizes such practice means the end of his bullshit religious superstitions used as a multi-billion dollar industry of deception.

    Campus Crusade has been around and recruiting for quite a few decades. Since 1951. The SSA only since 2000. Craig has good reason to be so fearful.

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