Start Teaching Evolution To 5 Year Olds – Richard Dawkins

via The Guardian. (I could not get the full story to post so click the link to read all of it)

The Oxford biologist argues that evolution is so important to our understanding of the world that it should form part of the primary school curriculum. He is dismissive of the notion that evolution is a difficult concept for young children to grasp.

“Evolution is a truly satisfying and complete explanation of existence, and I suspect that this is something a child can appreciate from an early age,” he writes in the Times.

Sounds great to me.

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One Response to Start Teaching Evolution To 5 Year Olds – Richard Dawkins

  1. Marc Draco says:

    I already teach my kids about evolution – in language that they understand – and they get it. The point is, evolution is pretty obvious when you look at it and is makes sense.

    I usually start out with something easy (but not obvious) that they get like bird poo (kids love poo) and show them how reptiles poo in much the same way… and then work from there.

    Kids love biology when its shown to them – so I say – forget the Nintendo, get them a decent microscope and some live subjects.

    I’ve spent several hours watching seeing them OOO and AWWW while they study a snail’s heartbeat – which you can see clearly at just 30x mag on a common water snail.

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