Sun-Times Endorses Jenny McCarthy’s Lies

Via Jim Romenesko.

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a Monday piece on Jenny McCarthy and her upcoming conference “for parents to learn about new support and treatment methods for their children with autism” — methods that were questioned by the Chicago Tribune last year.

Remember Jenny?  I think she means well but, she has been confused by personal stories and bad information.  If only she was a skeptic she would see the error of her logic.

“This is closer to a press release than it is to journalism,” writes Seth Mnookin, author of “The Panic Virus: The True Story Behind the Vaccine-Autism Controversy.” Autism One’s annual conference “is not, as the Sun-Times claims, a place for ‘parents to learn about new support and treatment methods for their children with autism’; it’s more akin to Woodstock for vaccine deniers.”

Sun-Times – You need to do better!

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2 Responses to Sun-Times Endorses Jenny McCarthy’s Lies

  1. And don’t forget she’s posing for Playboy. If there was ever a chance of McCarthy gaining respect as a self professed autism expert, well, it’s gone. I don’t see how anyone can take her seriously. I talk about it here:

  2. yuli says:

    Jenny McCarthy has no business talking about autism. Her son was NEVER autistic. Nor is he now autistic. He has Landau Kleffner Syndrome, which is why he improved when he was prescribed seizure medications. It wasn’t a gluten free diet that cured him. McCarthy is a liar. She’s a fraud. She ripped through the autism community and USED people who have REAL autistic children to promote her books. She’s a master manipulator.

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