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Texas Textbooks, Moses Founding Father

Difficult few days replacing windows in a residence. Not terribly complicated  but inconvenient to resident so rushing through them. The old windows are perhaps 100 years old, except for on new wing. Big Box store windows flimsy but what can be … Continue reading

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David Barton and Kenneth Copeland on Biblical Cure of PTSD

Friends and neighbors, we have discovered a new, old cure, reason for PTSD. Soldiers fighting a just war belong to the biblical hall of fame and need to understand they are elevated. They no longer need to condemn themselves. All … Continue reading

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David Barton Did Quote a Western Novel as Fact

When I last posted on David Barton, a story he regales often as fact was suspect as a myth, a made up story. It was indeed taken from a Western Novel as history. Chris Rodda: So, David Barton, in an article … Continue reading

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David Barton Liar, Misquotes and Intellectual Terrorism

Post by Jim Newman ———————— David Barton is the most dangerous man in America. I hate to give him credit but if there were a most wanted list for intellectual terrorists it would be him. In my opinion if there … Continue reading

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