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Angry Atheists Shooting People

I’m sure all have heard by now how an atheist shot three people. That such a story has been so popular as an atheist attack shows how unusual it is to find an atheist doing violence, much less one killing … Continue reading

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Homeless Man Finds Atheists Donate Most

Well it’s an anecdote but amusing. Especially, after religious people touted some research saying the religious donate more to charities, proving how loving they are and how debased democrats are–the study also showed a red state, blue state difference. It … Continue reading

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Sam Says Guns Are Necessary

Sam HarrisĀ has written his response to angry fans with an FAQ. Aside from the corrections he makes to the way-too-prevalent misinformation on violence and weapons in culture his basic point is allowing guns. He does emphasize the importance of self … Continue reading

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