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Willie Robertson Pushes Convert or Die

Last night I steeled myself to clip the wing feathers of a small flock of Jersey Black Giant Roosters so they wouldn’t fly out of their pasture fence. When I have ignored this task our chickens have taken to the … Continue reading

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The Christian Conviction to End the World

Amanda Marcotte brilliantly details in a series of articles the christian conservative will and desire to end the world if it can’t be the way they see is moral. They will lie, cheat, berate and perform every nasty trick possible … Continue reading

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36 Percent Believe Natural Disasters Indicate End of Times

A Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) poll shows 36 percent of Americans believe natural disasters indicate end of times for religious immorality. Yup, a third of Americans think the world is going to end with natural disasters because we don’t … Continue reading

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Hello Out There In Postapocalyptia

Post by Derrick ———————————————– Harold Camping’s Family Radio has gotten a great deal of unwarranted attention (and a pile of money, strangely) from its epically-failed May 21, 2011 prediction of the Rapture. (He now says it was “spiritual” in nature … Continue reading

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