Texas Immigration Poll

From the state of Texas.

A Texas lawmaker has plans to introduce immigration legislation in Texas, similar to the controversial bill signed into law in Arizona last Friday. What do you think about the legislation? (NOTE: News 8 will not approve offensive or hateful comments.)


Let’s go give them a little love.

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2 Responses to Texas Immigration Poll

  1. I’m all for the idea of turning up the heat on illegal immigrants but I don’t know that it can be done anymore.

    Illegal immigration has been such a joke for so long that I don’t believe it can easily be fixed.

    We need policy that is consistent over time which we do not currently have.

    My biggest issue with the current debate is the amount of money that will be wasted fighting it out in the courts. That is money that is forcibly taken from the people (in taxes) being wasted on attorney and court costs when it could be spent on things like road repair, libraries, new equipment for the fire department, etc…

  2. Phil says:

    Hey, Chicken Hammer….
    Well said. Thanks for stopping in.

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