The Jesus Story As Retold By Philip Pullman (author of the Golden Compass)

New Book by Philip Pullman:  The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.

It is a twist on the classic Jesus story.  Mary has twins!  One is Jesus and he is strong and filled with passion.  The other is Christ and he stays in the shadows and help Jesus get out of trouble.

Here is a short sample…

On the few occasions when Christ came close to Jesus, he did his best to avoid contact with him, but from time to time someone would ask him who he was, what he was doing, whether he was one of Jesus’s followers, and so on. He managed to deal with questions of this kind quite easily by adopting a manner of mild courtesy and friendliness, and by making himself inconspicuous. In truth, he attracted little attention and kept to himself, but like any other man he sometimes longed for company.

Once, in a town Jesus had not visited before and where his followers were little known, Christ got into conversation with a woman. She was one of the prostitutes Jesus made welcome, but she had not gone in to dinner with the rest of them. When she saw Christ on his own, she said “Would you like to come to my house?”

Knowing what sort of woman she was, and realising that no one would see them, he agreed.

You can read a longer sample here

Because of the book title some are offended – as Pullman intended.  Here is a short video of his position on the issue.

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    Brilliant response about the title.

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