The Lie – Ken Ham

The Lie!  Ken Ham has escaped America – quick, close the border!  He is down under saving souls and pimping his book “The Lie”!  I think it is the story of his life – well that’s what I heard.

Actually it is a 25 year old book of lies with a new cover so he can make more money from suckers!  Sell it Ken!

Twenty-five years ago, my  book The Lie: Evolution was published, and God has blessed it over the years. This book has become a bestseller—over 450,000 copies sold! And this year, as I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page already, I decided it was time to update The Lie

I would read it but my head would explode!

He is now is Australia promoting a photo contest for “The Lie”.

To help encourage you to participate in The Lie photo contest, I will begin posting photos I take of The Lie in various places in Australia.

Whoops!  I just threw up in my mouth.  Hey, Australia!  Your lost son has returned home.  Please take away his passport.  We don’t want him back.

This is my first photo, using the spine of the book.
The Lie - Brisbane
The city looks pretty cool.  If only his ugly book was not in the way!
Many of these high rise buildings are of a place called ‘Surfers Paradise’ which is part of the Gold Coast south of Brisbane. A billboard on the main motorway blatantly calls it ‘Sin City.’ Sadly, this description really is true–in fact, what goes on in this city makes one realize how sinful and evil Sodom and Gomorrah must have been.
Damn!  I got to get to Brisbane – Sounds like a great place to go.
…about 99 out of every 100 Australians do NOT believe they need to respond to the message of the gospel and their need for a Savior!
Really?  99%  Why did no one tell me?  Hey, If Ken gets out and tries to come back here…I may have to move to Australia!
Below is a sample of Ken’s fine work.  Did you know that more people say “Happy Holidays” each year – Gasp!  Check out the cartoon below!  Which balloon of doom is your favorite?  Oh, look!  At the bottom.  The cause of all our problems…. HUMANISM!
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4 Responses to The Lie – Ken Ham

  1. Mike de Fleuriot says:

    Originally published on November 22, 1859, The Origin of Species was actually an abstract of a much longer work which Darwin had been toiling over for several years, in ill-health and shadowed over by the death of a son. The initial stock of 1,250 copies sold out before release, and the book has remained in print ever since,

  2. John Morgan says:

    Most of the balloons above the castle are good things that Humanists DO celebrate, with good reason! Some others are OPPOSED by Humanists and PROMOTED by Christians:
    Corporate Corruption (MOST corrupt businesspersons are Christians. Religious Right policians OPPOSE laws against corporate corruption)
    Racism (HUMANISTS were the leaders of the Civil Rights movement.
    Christian preachers headed up most lynch mobs in the Old South. Modern Religious Right politicians OPPOSE Civil Rights laws.)
    Family Breakup (Evangelical Christians have a HIGHER divorce rate than Humanists. Spousal abuse and child abuse are MORE common in Evangelical Christian households than in Humanist households.)
    School violence (Humanists support gun control laws. Evangelical Christians usually oppose them.)
    No Loving God in Tragedy (Never was any. Humanists recognise that HUMANS are the only true source of comfort in tragedy. Pray for victims of natural disasters or pitch in and help them with charity and volunteer work? Which one helps people in tragedy? Not prayer!)

  3. Arthur Paliden says:

    Creationism Gives Man Dominion Over God

    If you believe in Creationism you must reject the underlying science that supports the Theory of Evolution. This includes the rejecting the fundamental principles of chemistry and physics.

    If you reject the fundamental principles of chemistry and physics then you must believe that God preforms each and every chemical reaction in the Universe.

    Now according to the Bible Man has free will. This means that God does not know what Man is going to do nor when he is going to do it.

    So if I have a glass of vinegar and a spoon full of baking soda, it is up to me alone if and when I put the baking soda into the vinegar to to produce CO2. God does not know either because I have free will.

    Yet when I do put the baking soda into the vinegar the expected reaction happens. Which, according to Creationism, can only happen if God is doing it.

    Therefore I have summoned God to do my bidding. I have dominion over God.


    Wait…the book has a spine?

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