Too Much Of A Good Thing…..

regular readers may have noticed that I have started using Twitter

and there is a new Facebook page for the blog.  I am also now a co-host on The Pink Atheist Podcast.  All three of these things have brought in more traffic and I am so glad that you are here.

Additionally, my web designer and I have also added several new visual elements to make the blog more attractive.  The blog is wider (I hope it fits your screen) and has more visual material and links.  If you are looking at a specific post you can now easily move forward or back with the click of a button.  On the right side is the “top posts” with little photos and some text from the post.  I hope you like these new element (and others) and use them.  I have some more changes planned and I hope to get them in place soon.

As always, I welcome your suggestions and ask you to let me know if anything breaks!  Several readers have done this in the past and I want to thank you!

All of this is good news and as my regular readers know my blog keeps growing and growing.  However, one of the downside to having more graphics, links and images on your blog is that it takes more server power to pull it all together and make it look pretty for you the viewer.  It was all going very well until my post about the First Alabama Atheist High School group getting death threats exploded on Reddit and Facebook at the same time.

The servers can only do so much and I have already upgraded twice over the last two years.  However, the combination of Twitter, Facebook, Search results, and then being #4 on Reddit/all was too much.  Remember, all of this on top of the increased power needed to pull in all of the new blog elements.  The volume was so high that the servers started to limit readers and then BAM!  It gave up.  I am very sorry for those that stopped in yesterday and could not join the conversation.

It looks like I have three choices:

1)  Remove some of the links and graphic material from the blog.

2)  Let the blog crash when the volume spikes.

3) Pay for yet another upgrade.

I have decided to fork over the money for an upgrade.  It is my hope that the increased power and RAM will allow the blog to handle traffic over 15,000 views in an hour.  I expect that this will be enough for a while but, who knows!

Again, Thanks for visiting SkepticMoney.  Please like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter or you can also sign up for the blog feed or the Pink Atheist podcast with the cute little buttons on the tip of the right sidebar.

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