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VaccinationThe recent outbreak of Measles has finally put educated, better-off liberals aswamp in the same sickening boat of denial shared by the likes of conservative hucksters Glenn Beck and Paul Rand. These New Age Hippie descendents share a common distrust of government at last; with the added bonus of hating Big Pharma. While they may assiduously upgrade recalled child seats and buy bicycle helmets for their tricycling four year olds they have no desire to stuff pins and needles into the bodies of their children enough times they would look like large, moving, organic pincushions if allowed to remain.

I certainly was there 20 years ago as I considered whether I could avoid the mass herding effect of the sheeple who like those who followed religion obeyed authority with the kind of blind trust and loyalty that led the 300 to their graves. Perhaps so many shots weren’t necessary. Perhaps we could delay them. Perhaps a bit more mature immunity system would resist possible reactions more surely. Perhaps some shots weren’t necessary. Certainly different ones would be required when they travelled abroad later in life, and they could catch up then.

For me encountering school programs as an adjunct to homeschooling stood me face to face with the evil nurse ratchets who mandated we vaccinate unless we could come up with a religious exemption, which was of course impossible in our case. I certainly wasn’t going to claim to belong to a secular religion. So they laid their hands on my son, strapping him to the bed with their erstwhile arms, and laid the needles to him to got him caught up. He did not die but I’m sure that memory remains embedded for life and not to my benefit.

Years later my family stood in front of the Supreme Court, quite by accident, on the same day as parents were protesting mandatory vaccinates. Always ready to join a good protest at hand I sought to go but my brilliant wife gave me a look so soundly negative that all the evidence I vaguely held in my head flew away and I knew she was right: the vaccination program is essential. It was a year or so later that the research by the fraud and huckster Wakefield came out as completely faked in order that he might gain fame and sell his alternate products.

In order to debate my antivax friends here in this odd hybrid of a small college town, in the backwaters of West Virginia, shadowed by DC a short hour and half away, I have complied a common set of questions and denials with short answers. They undoubtedly won’t work but it’s worth a try. I know because I tried them in my Facebook Universe. One, a friend for 17 years, stoutly called me a fool and shill for Big Pharma and he with others continued posting articles on how vax’s kill, cause cancer, dilute the species, or are completely unnecessary. Another continued posts where if one only feeds one’s children properly and maintains a positive attitude, all will be well. Goodness knows what we’ll do with the poor that can’t do such things.

  • Loving parents have to watch their children get what many kids call or feel or think is a bee sting near 40 times as vax’s. Sad but yes.
  • Loving parents have to see their children get welts, be uncomfortable many times from vax’s. Sad but true. Demand research for better delivery method.
  • Many involved, educated, better-paid parents feel the loss of autonomy over their children from the fetus on. Vaxxing seems like loss. No, too dangerous anyway.
  • Some have a chicken pox party for protection. Not possible for most and many get get too sick.
  • Since most people do them some don’t really need to because so many are protected. A privileged position few can follow.
  • Vaccinations are too new to know what they do. George Washington vaccinated his troops. Ben Franklin advised to do them.
  • Science seems like a fashion show, one year we deny fats, another we don’t; what’s bad for you this year might be Ok next year. Sympathetic but progress is made; vaccines are time tested.
  • Vaccinations make Big Pharma money. No, Vaccines are a loss or break even. High blood pressure, heart and stroke, acid-reflux, bipolar-schizhophrenia, and antidepressants are the most profitable with Lipitor first. New vaccines are beginning to make money which is good as we need more research.
  • Vaccines are about our personal freedom. And the freedom to infect others?
  • It’s impossible to make vaccinations mandatory. Vaccinations are mandatory in two states already, Mississippi and West Virginia.
  • Everyone is experiencing alienation loss of autonomy and control. Anti vaxxing seems like a safe rebellion. It isn’t, find another.
  • Many parents who see abortion as a woman’s autonomy issue, extend that to child rearing. Yet accept bike helmets and seat belts. True but so?
  • Flu vaccines are dirty and difficult to keep from being contaminated. Yes, but they still work and save lives and reduce income loss from sick days.
  • Some parents believe their faith will protect them and their children and if sickness occurs it was due to a lack of sincerity or good work. Reconsider how your faith works.
  • Thinking their child won’t travel or be exposed to other people outside of their small community lends a sense of safety. Kids do leave.
  • Many people believe food and well being stave off many problems and diseases; vax’s seem unnecessary if one does the right things. Many diseases thrive in healthy populations. Look at healthy Native populations that were decimated by communicable diseases.
  • Since there is no viewing of consequences when vax’s work, people lose sight and intensity of need until diseases return. More education is needed.
  • I have seen many kids get sick after a vaccination. There are so many vaccinations and kids get sick often enough that correlation seems like causation. The stress of a doctor visit and the child feeling your stress also adds to the difficulty.
  • Why do they have to give shots at birth or so many at once. Because they can’t be sure people will show up again. Change the health care process here.
  • For many people, news on whether or not to incorporate a new vaccine makes it seem like vaccinations are sometimes optional. Those that seem optional, that don’t save lives significantly, aren’t mandatory.
  • Your logic is insufficient–it doesn’t convince me. Look at photo’s of these people who have measles, it’s not mild. Look at these people with polio in iron lungs in the past. Listen to this sound of a baby with whooping cough.

Jim Newman,

About Jim Newman

Jim Newman is a philosopher. When I was young I wondered what was the ultimate truth. How should I behave? What makes it all work? I was intensely curious to know what it all means. It was enlightening to realize there is no ultimate truth, but nevertheless sufficient and necessary turth, and that meaning was a meta analysis of living one’s life. In this sense my work has been living large. Living and experiencing life has made me learn many things. Building boats, motors, houses, electronics. Raising animals. Teaching. Writing. Photography. Drawing. Knitting. Sewing. Cooking. Music. Painting. Hiking. Aboriginal living skills. All material aspects of reality that seem irrelevant until you realize they allow you to experience more. My epiphany came when I read Christopher Hitchen’s “Letters to a Young Contrarian” and I felt vindicated in my many meals of sacred cow.
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