Warren Jeffs In Coma And May Not Survive

via Huff Po.

Convicted polygamist and child rapist Warren Jeffs is apparently comatose and may be nearing the end of his life.

A source close to ABC News said that the radical polygamist leader had been fasting for days and doctors were forced to induce a coma. Jeffs is in critical but stable condition, according to the Associated Press.

ABC News reports that he had been on a three day fast prior to the coma.

His flock still thinks that he did nothing wrong and they are building a statue.

But many of his followers still think Jeffs did nothing wrong. Despite a new recording revealed Monday, which documents Jeffs having group sex in an alleged baptismal font with five females including a 13-year-old and two of his own sisters; despite the new testimony of a nephew who says his uncle raped him when Jeffs was still a church school principal; despite the now-convicted felon’s nasty habit of ripping families apart, and reassigning them to other men like chess pieces—his flock is now constructing a three-story statue of their self-proclaimed prophet, according to a trusted source, who has confirmed the details from two different people involved in the edifice’s construction.

The statue, according to this source, is planned to go up next month at the activity center of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints’ (FLDS) compound in Short Creek, on the Utah/Arizona border. At 38 feet, it will tower over a town where most of the buildings are one-story ranches and trailer homes.

The power of religion at work.

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