When Women Dress Like Whores, I Can’t Think…..

via Friendly Atheist.

Watch this and then tell us which part you think is the sickest!

Women should not be forced to cover every inch just because a few sick guys cannot control their own minds.  The problem is theirs and theirs alone!

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6 Responses to When Women Dress Like Whores, I Can’t Think…..

  1. Darrel says:

    These are our American Taliban. Our fundies are like their fundies, except our constitution doesn’t allow them to employ religious police and the beat sticks.

  2. Ms. Crazy Pants says:

    If I have a insatiable urge to beat stupid people with a baseball bat, then by the same logic, it’s the fault of stupid people for remaining stupid, or at least not covering up their stupidity. Don’t they realize that no one likes stupid people? It’s perfectly normal to dislike or even hate stupid people. Stupid people were put here to tempt us into beating them, and many of us have to fight every day against that temptation. Often I have to completely leave an area to get away from the stupid person or put in ear plugs so that I don’t hear their stupidity. We know from the bible that sometimes God tells us to attack, harm, or kill those who aren’t doing the right things, and often stupid people don’t do the right things, so it’s safe to assume that God hates stupid people too. If stupid people would cover their stupidity by being quiet, then other people would respect them so much more. Covering your stupidity, or becoming not stupid, is a virtue making one worthy of others’ admiration. Those who celebrate their stupidity are nothing more than dirty brain whores who open their mind to any stupid idea that comes along.

  3. Phil says:

    @ms. Crazy,
    Post started to scare me but then I got the joke. That was funny.

  4. I Was There at Planned Parenthood says:

    In response to the to the video – Whqt Guys Think About Modesty- I approve of this message. Unfortunately, modest dressing is learned at home and with maturity. When we were in high school, a Catholic High School, we wore our dresses short. We rolled our skirts over at the waist when we got out of the house. It was the style at that time. We were not whores and I myself was pretty much unaware of male lust. In fact, there was a lot of things that we didn’t know about sex in those days. I had never seen a condom until I was in my 40’s. I was popular in high school & was in the queen’s court when I was a Junior and was one of 3 up for class queen when I was a senior. I had lots of dates and I never had sex with anyone except my husband. I’m sure the guys had the same raging hormones as they do today, but they weren’t bombarded with sexual education at a young age thru TV, internet, music, etc. They didn’t ask for sex. We just enjoyed being together and having a good time. I had a problem with one guy who was older than me, but I stood my ground and said – no because I certainly didn’t want to marry him! We were just taught that sex was meant for married couples. Seems like the kids that did accidentally get pregnant usually got married or gave the baby up for adoption. I know the situation we have today is not easy. One other comment, some of the girls who show their big bellies should turn some guys totally off.

  5. Phil says:

    @ I was there….
    Thank you for the ON topic comment. We are glad to have your input.

    Would you also agree that women should were burkas? That is even more modest! Just curious where you draw the line in “protecting” women.

  6. I Was There at Planned Parenthood says:

    No, women should not have to wear burkas. Don’t even get started on the treatment of Muslim women. Absolutely shocking & disgusting. As far as dressing modestly, how about everything in moderation – covered bellies and hips, a little longer shorts, and not so tight jeans. MOSTLY THEY NEED TO ACT RESPECTABLE AND DEMAND RESPECT FROM GUYS. I certainly would not hang around with a guy who was only interested in having sex with me.When we were in high school, those were the creeps.

    I guess you always make an extreme comment at the end just to get a reply. I’m not a radical, I just try to remember – everything in moderation and try to use common sense in your daily life. If you don’t love the person, why would you want to share love with him or her? Why?

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