Work Together!

The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public life’s recently published study on religious affiliation has been making the rounds lately.  The non-theists are rejoicing (if you will) and organized religions are wondering how to fix the problem.

There’s a new study out that shows that one in five Americans has no religious affiliation. Not Baptist, not Catholic, not Lutheran, not Jewish, not Muslim.

For those of us in the world of organized religion, this just adds more data to a trend we have seen accelerating over the last decade.

And if you just focus on those under 30, the religiously unaffiliated constitute one third of that group.

In his Huffington Post article, “What Faith Communities can Offer the ‘Nones,’” Pastor Phil Haslanger offers a solution for religion – the internet!

It seems to me one of the great vehicles we have at our fingertips — literally — is the Internet.

If Christians need to use the internet to showcase themselves, they are in big trouble.  They tend to do the internet the same way they do rock music – Poorly!

Christians may say they want to have a discussion, but do they?  Do they really? The Christian model does not allow for discussion, for questioning, for debate.  It is God’s way or the highway.  If your questions do not bring you to their foregone conclusion, than you are wrong and eternally damned.

work togetherWe have been dominating the internet for years and the number of atheists and agnostics is up 50% in just the last 5 years.  When people search for information on:  religion, homeopathy, spirituality, vaccines and many others topics, they should find our comments, opinions and facts – First.

Our ideas need to be on the internet in as many places as possible and they need to rank as high as possible.  So, fill the internet with your questions, your evidence, and your journeys from faith to reason.  However, it cannot just be about you!  You need to link to other blogs and podcasts.  You need to promote their articles and their authors.

We are stronger and our ideas will rank higher if we all work together.  For the sake of humanity I ask everyone to set aside their differences and work together. (photo from ISSA’s hug an atheist event)

You never know who’s mind you will touch!

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3 Responses to Work Together!

  1. I am glad to see you talking about this and with this particular approach. I have been working on the same cooperation for some time now, I created a wiki page that can be edited by any atheist to add their own webpage so that we can increase the google worth of every atheist website in the world together.

    All the atheist sites are listed here:

    PLEASE LINK TO THE LIST! In doing so you will be displaying your solidarity and increasing the internet search worth of every atheist site in the world!

  2. Phil Ferguson says:

    Thanks. I have thought this way a long time and figured it was time to make a statement. I heard you talk about your project on the pink atheist podcast. It sounds great. I will link to when i get back to my computer. Thanks for the comment.

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