Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper Too

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It is time to prepare!  Something is going to happen and if you are not a Prepper you are going to be in trouble!  They see the signs and they are getting ready!

The group, known informally as the Christian Emergency Preparedness Network…

christian emergency?  What are they preparing for?

…we’re here to generate an awareness and then a preparedness.

Spooky!  Awareness of what?  Now, I am getting worried!

Since I’ve retired, I’ve changed my mind-set. I see some of the writing on the walls.

I think someone has too much time on his hands.

I do wonder when and not if.  Eventually I think we will face some difficult times.

Gasp!  Difficult times.  Will there be fire and brimstone?  A ram with seven horns?  What are we talking about?  Here is a description of what they are prepping for…

…if we can go to each congregation and find the pastors who are not susceptible to the pulpitly correct mentality and who are willing to speak out and acknowledge that we have issues in the world today that cannot be ignored, whether they are political or strictly software- or hardware-oriented or biblically oriented.

What?  Is that just the ravings of a lunatic?  Did you follow that?  Please explain it to me maybe I should be a prepper too!

They are starting to build a national network of churches because the government won’t be there to help.

I don’t really want to trust my government. I know better. It’s up to we the people to take care of ourselves. That’s why this network we’re proposing has such great potential, because 240 million of us fall into this same club called Christians.

Doomsday Prepper!

They don’t want to be called survivalists.  They want to be called, “Preppers” or “Doomsday Preppers”!  But, what are they prepping for?  Not sure but, it involves jesus.

This is very much Christ-centered. You want to extend yourself in charity to others. You can’t do that without limits…

I guess if you are not a christian prepper you are out of luck.

Now there is even a show on the National Geographic channel!


OK!  I still am not sure what you are preparing for but, they do explain that the government won’t be able to help because their funding keeps getting cut.

I would bet these nutters are voting for the people that are making the very cuts they are so worried about.  The magic of religion!

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4 Responses to Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper Too

  1. Andrew Hall says:

    I’ve seen a few episodes. They seems to be a fixation with railroad freight containers,

  2. Phil says:

    All the things I miss out on by not watching such quality TV. It just was kind of a shock there were meeting in my area. YIKES!

  3. Sunshine Bob says:

    The Christian Emergency Preparedness Network isn’t just preparing for something terrible. They are showing the world how atheistic they are.

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