Young Atheist’s Survival Guide

Young Atheist's Survival GuideJust In time for xmas!   The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide!  A new book by my good friend Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist).

My regular readers know how important it is to reach out to the youth.  The churches know that they have to trick the kids before they can Google or they will lose them.  In a world filled with information it is so hard to believe silly fairy tales.

Now, we have this perfect gift for the young freethinker and the Kindle version costs only $2.99 (for now).  You can see a free sample at Amazon.  This is an introductory special cost, it will go up soon…. so order now!

From the author….

So… What is this book about?  

There are more atheists under the age of 30 than ever before.  While a lot of media attention has been paid to college atheist groups and their accomplishments, relatively few stories have been written about the unique struggles of high school students who don’t believe in God.  This book shares many of their stories, from standing up against graduation prayers to sitting down during the Pledge of Allegiance. These students advocate for their atheism, often at tremendous personal cost.  It also talks about what students and adults can do to alleviate these problems and what the future holds for secular students everywhere.

The book isn’t just for students.  It’s for parents, teachers, administrators, and anyone else who just wants to learn more about this growing demographic.

Right now you can only get the Kindle version but, the paper version will be out soon!  Just check out some of these reviews….

The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide will inform and inspire the secular and the religious alike. As young people today are increasingly identifying openly as nonbelievers and challenging longstanding societal assumptions about religion and secularity, Hemant Mehta provides valuable insight into this important phenomenon.” — David Niose, author of Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans


“Is bigotry toward atheists the last socially acceptable form of religious prejudice? In his stimulating exploration of youth and atheism, Mehta documents numerous instances of hostility and institutional bias high school-aged students have encountered when they embraced conscience over conformity. The conclusion is clear: When freethinkers seek to express their beliefs or exercise their “rights” in the same way as members of religious majorities, they are often stymied, if not by law, then by prejudice and social convention. Mehta offers a persuasive call to action, and his book should be of interest to all those who want to keep the public sphere open to all forms of belief and nonbelief.” — Katherine Stewart, author of The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children


“All across the country, atheist high school students are bullied, persecuted and denied their legal rights, even by school administrators who should know better. But as atheism becomes a more influential and mainstream voice in our society, freethinking high schoolers are increasingly coming out of the closet and standing up for themselves, forming communities to support each other and advance the secular point of view. Hemant’s book shows how it can be done with many inspiring examples of brave student activists.” — Adam Lee, author of Daylight Atheism


“In this book, Hemant provides a reality check about bigotry and harassment against atheists in schools, as well as a road map to alleviating these issues. America is evolving before our eyes, and our secular future will most certainly be delivered by today’s young people. This book will help students understand what they face, and show adults where the students need help (they can’t do it alone). In other words, Hemant’s book is important. Read it.” — Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists

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4 Responses to Young Atheist’s Survival Guide

  1. c smythe says:

    The only thing a young new atheist needs to know is “SHUT THE FUCK UP” When you stand up and deny the very foundation of your families existence just what do you suppose will happen? Are Ye man enough? Wise and knowledgeable people know that only fools discuss religion or politics in public . . .

  2. Darrel says:

    Quote: “The churches know that they have to trick the kids before they can Google or they will lose them.”>>

    Exactly right. Footnote in support:

    “A study by Barna Research, announced on 1999-NOV-12, shows that most
    conservative Christians are “saved” in childhood. A person who is unsaved at
    the age of 14 only has a 10% chance of being “saved” later in life. The
    survey also showed that about 40% of all Americans consider themselves as
    having been saved during their lifetime. This number agrees with previous
    surveys. Age range % saved within that age range

    5 to 13 years 32%
    14 to 18 years 4%
    over 19 years 6%

    –“Teens and adults have little chance of accepting Christ as their savior,” Barna Research press release, 1999-NOV-15. No longer available online.

  3. Phil Ferguson says:

    so much wrong in one statement… c smythe
    “The only thing a young new atheist needs to know is “SHUT THE FUCK UP” ”
    No! it is time to stand up and speak out. However, if your family is psychotic then wait until you are safe.

    “When you stand up and deny the very foundation of your families existence…”
    What? This makes no sense.

    ” just what do you suppose will happen?”
    I expect people to be grown up adults and respect rational views and make efforts to seek the truth.

    “Are Ye man enough?”
    What? what doed this have to do with your point?

    “Wise and knowledgeable people know that only fools discuss religion or politics in public”
    This site seems pretty public. By your own definition (which I do not accept) you are a fool?

  4. Jim n says:

    I wonder what that statistic would be if you backed it up to ten, or of it were different, earlier, historically?

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